Summary of Facebook Live Q&A: Postsecondary Readiness and Transition

Nov 30, 2020 | Blog, Transition, Video

9/23/20 Facebook Live

Martina Stump, Postsecondary Readiness and Transitions Coordinator

Martina Stump is the Postsecondary Readiness and Transitions Coordinator. She works with the Special Populations Division Department of Education. The goal of her department is to improve transition outcomes for youth and young adults with disabilities. Martina provides guidance about transition planning that will assist families and students in helping figure out the next steps after graduation.

Covid 19 has caused many changes with transitions. Martina encourages educators to think outside the box when it comes to incorporating life experiences with students. Postsecondary Readiness and transition looks different this year. Students are now required to wear mask in the work site. Now students participate in virtual job fairs. They also participate in on-line job shadowing. All normally in person courses that are required should be able to be accessed online or in person. In order to help students prepare for transition between high school and beyond, early planning is essential. Preparing for transition can begin in elementary school. Encourage your child to be involved and self- advocate for themselves. Parents should make sure they adapt the work skills taught at school in the home as well.

Check out this link, This link connects you with information about training and resources on preparing students with disabilities for life after high school. The site has a section for students. It includes free video based lessons, ideas, resources and much more.