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Meet Our Family Engagement Team!

The Family Engagement Team is now complete, and we want to introduce you to everyone! Our group consists of a team of individuals with background experiences as educators, mental health professionals, parents, caregivers of individuals with disabilities, and...

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Student-Led IEPs

Should your high school student be at their Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings? YES! Students can offer a great amount of information that will help plan their school and future, but they are often left out of the IEP team meeting. So, what age should a student...

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Family Engagement Networking Night with AnLar

The Arc of Tennessee’s Family Engagement Team hosts a monthly networking group for families involved in Special Education across the state of Tennessee. These meetings take place on the last Tuesday of the month and will cover a variety of topics ranging from early...

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People First Language

People First Language (PFL) is a way of communicating that reflects knowledge and respect for people with disabilities by choosing words that recognize the person first and foremost as the primary reference and not his or her disability.  Empowering people with...

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Dyslexia Screening Process

“Say Dyslexia” law (T.C.A. § 49-1-229) is a law that requires school districts to implement a screening process for identifying characteristics of dyslexia.  You may have received a letter from your child’s school identifying that your child has reading difficulties...

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“Say Dyslexia” Law

In 2016, the Tennessee legislature passed a law that is also referred to as the “Say Dyslexia” law. The law requires schools to screen for characteristics of Dyslexia through Response to Intervention (RTI) and to provide “Dyslexia-specific intervention” for those...

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